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Cacti is an excellent tool for monitoring network devices, servers, APIs, and other data, but sometimes it requires monitoring for its services.

Using the very same monitoring tool to monitor itself is excellent for detailed statistics. Cacti, for example, can provide granular statistics for Boost or its polling times but cannot provide any data when its database is down, or apache is not working.

I created a small script that checks the availability of critical Cacti services and free memory and monitors the disk space. Once the script detects an error or threshold breach, it sends an email alert to a defined email address. Cacti administrators are then able to check the issue and fix them before there is a notable outage.

The script provides some simple checks, but I will publish new versions with enhanced systems and cacti specifics checks in the upcoming weeks.
The script can be found on GitHub:

Also, check out this page for some new HowTos installing Cacti on RockyLinux 8 and the Google Cloud Platform.

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