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I am part of something bigger.

Some time has passed since my last post, and there have been quite some changes since then.

I joined the ranks of the Cacti team and became an active developer of this great Open Source monitoring tool.

Cacti has been around for quite some time now. I was working with Cacti since version 0.8.4 which I implemented within IBM in 2003 to monitor some customer networks. Since then I created numerous plugins and committed some code to the core. Cacti is currently available in Version 1.2.22, and the the team is working on the 1.2.23 and 1.3 versions.

Cacti 1.3 will be PHP 8.x only, while 1.2.23 will still support older PHP versions.

Today I tested the upgrade process from 1.2.22 to 1.3 on a compute engine on the Google Cloud Platform and installed my CereusReporting plugin, which creates PDF reports out of Cacti. While there are still a few bugs in Cacti 1.3, my plugin runs with only a few changes on this new version.

I’m currently also working on getting some older plugins updated to run on Cacti 1.2 and 1.3 and also transfered my 1.x compatible Weathermap plugin to the Cacti team.

We have some great ideas on the future of Cacti, and I will be posting some articles and more frequent posts on the progress here.

As a reminder: Although Cacti is Open-Source, you can get commercial support from my company Urban Software.

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