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🌟 Exciting Update: CereusTransporter Plugin Now Supports Elasticsearch 8 and Elastic Cloud 8! 🌟

Calling all Cacti users! We’re thrilled to announce an important update to the already amazing #CereusTransporter plugin! 🌵🚀

You’ve experienced how effortlessly CereusTransporter sends your Cacti data to popular tools like #Boson and #InfluxDB. We’ve expanded its functionality to support #Elasticsearch and #ElasticCloud! This update will elevate your data analytics and monitoring capabilities to new heights.

🔗 CereusTransporter Enhanced Features:

1️⃣ Expanded Compatibility: Besides Boson and InfluxDB, CereusTransporter now seamlessly integrates with Elasticsearch and Elastic Cloud, ensuring smooth data transfer and integration.

2️⃣ Improved Analytics: With Elasticsearch and Elastic Cloud support, you can unlock even more potential from your Cacti data by leveraging advanced analytics and visualization features.


📣 Calling Testers: We’re looking for enthusiastic testers to help us ensure that the new features of CereusTransporter work flawlessly! If you’re a Cacti user eager to contribute to the plugin’s development, join our test group and enjoy early access to the enhanced features while sharing your valuable feedback.

🔗 Connect with us on LinkedId and get in touch to join our test group or to learn more about the updated CereusTransporter plugin!

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