Updates to CereusTransporter coming for InfluxDB integration

CereusTransporter is a plugin for Cacti which allows you to send Cacti data to InfluxDB for further processing. You can use the data to create Dashboards in Grafana or analyse the data with machine learning techniques to identify anomalies within your network.

During the upcoming weeks, CereusTransporter will get some fresh updates and features implemented.

These include:

  • Support for adding custom tagging
  • Token based authentication for InfluxDB
  • Filtering of data sources to be send

Get in touch with us to get your ideas in !

End-User Monitoring with Alyvix

Ever heard of Alyvix ? That’s a free environment for monitoring application performance by emulating an end-user interacting with the real application. I’ve created a monitoring agent for the QAD/ERP software that allows one to measure the login time as well as the performance of different programs and queries throughout the day from an end-user perspektive. The data can be retrieved from the Monitoring workstation using a REST gateway in order to be displayed within Cacti.

Look at the attached graphs for the result: