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Cacti Backup Guide

This guide describes a short how-to for backing up all essential cacti files.

Generic Information

This section provides an overview on what should be backed up as well as the script and cron jobs being used

What to Backup:

The goal of the backup is to have a full working Cacti installation restored as fast as possible. Therefore the following configuration files and directories should be included:

  • Apache configuration
  • PHP configuration
  • Cacti Cronjob
  • Full Cacti directory
  • Backup script
  • If installed: Spine

In addition to these files, the following database needs to be saved:

  • cacti

Backup Script:

The passwords have been changed to “xxx”.

Backup Cronjob:

The following lines have been added to /etc/cron.d/cacti:

# Cacti Backup Schedule
0 2 * * * root /bin/bash /backup/ &>/backup/backup.log

Restore Procedures

Follow these steps in order to restore your Cacti system:

  1. Create a new System with all pre-requirements satisfied ( php, mysql, apache installed, basic Cacti )
  2. Fetch your latest backup files ( files + database ) and put it into the tmp directory
  3. Drop and Re-Create a the cacti database and add the cacti user with your DB credentials ( change xxx to match your current database user/password):
    mysql –p
    > CREATE DATABASE cacti;
    > GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON cacti.* TO cacti@localhost IDENTIFIED BY “xxx”;
  4. Execute the following commands:
    cd /
    tar –xzvf /tmp/cacti_files_yyyymmdd.tgz
    cd /tmp/
    gunzip /tmp/cacti_database_yyyymmdd.sql.gz
    mysql –u cacti –p cacti < /tmp/cacti_database_yyyymmdd.sql

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