CereusAgent about to be released

CereusAgent is reaching it’s completion. There will be two different editions available targeting SMB market as well as service providers. The Standard Edition contains 4 licences which allows 1 master and 3 remote polling agents. The Enterprise Edition does not contain any restrictions. Both editions share the same feature set.
The product webpage is online and orders can be placed. Visit the product page !

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New Release: CereusReporting – Version 2.10

Release Notes – CereusReporting – Version 2.10


  • [CRC-2] – Add Weathermap drop down points to the wrong id
  • [CRC-6] – Deleting a report does not delete associated schedule
  • [CRC-16] – WinServices do not show up on host level
  • [CRC-17] – Add support for "Structured RRA Path" for Windows Services addon
  • [CRC-18] – Change "Free Version" to "Express Edition" on PDF footers
  • [CRC-21] – Long Description gets overwritten by short description on SLA Item page
  • [CRC-22] – Drop down on SLA Item list is not sorted by hostname
  • [CRC-23] – Date format change causes jscript calendar to malfunction due to wrong date format
  • [CRC-24] – Use different colors to highlight the different issues on Availability Charts


  • [CRC-9] – Add Database Maintenance tools
  • [CRC-12] – Rename Realm Permissions to new naming convention
  • [CRC-20] – Calculate next run date to be a date in the future

New Feature

  • [CRC-3] – Add Thold based availability charts
  • [CRC-7] – Add copy function at report page and report schedule page
  • [CRC-11] – SLA of the Subtree containing the customer devices
  • [CRC-26] – Add BCC functionality for report email functionality

CSV Export in Cacti is not working

Sometimes it may happen that the CSV export from a Cacti graph is not working for large date ranges. You then may see an error 500 being returned by the browser. If this happens, you should try increasing the memory limit of your php instance.

This can be achieved by editing the php.ini file and changing the following line:

memory_limit = 64M ; Maximum amount of memory a script may consume

Try settings this to 256M:

memory_limit = 256M ; Maximum amount of memory a script may consume

and restart your webserver. On CentOS you can use the following command:

/etc/init.d/httpd reload