Services and Support

shutterstock_113075335_300x200 can help you with the development of your Cacti Performance Monitoring Solution,  writing custom templates for your devices and help in visualizing your data within Cacti.

Improving/Maintaining your Cacti System

We can help you with

  • Installing and Configuring your Cacti Instance
  • Upgrading Cacti to a new version
  • Migrating Cacti to a new server
  • General system and network performance monitoring
  • Creating custom graph templates based on a variety of source data ( including ERP, Firewall, Network Systems )
  • Implementing templates for MSSQL, MySQL, Tomcat, Apache, VMWare, Equalogic and other systems
  • Polling Enhancements ( 5 Minute / 1 Minute Polling )
  • Spine installation and configuration
  • Plugin implementations ( Weathermap, Thold, Monitor, CereusReporting, nmidSmokeping, Aggregate … )

Dedicated/Shared Cacti Instance

If you do not want to maintain your own system, can host a Cacti system and monitor your network using a VPN connection.

The hosted solution includes:

  • Dedicated or Shared Cacti instance
  • Latest proven upates
  • Creating and sending out Daily/Weekly/Monthly PDF Reports with your Corporate Design
  • Alerting ( Thold )
  • Daily Backups
  • 1 or 5 Minute polling interval

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