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We’re offering on-site Cacti workshops for installing, configuration and tuning of your Cacti installation as well as basic training. The Cacti workshop can be held on generic Cacti topics as well as focusing on different aspects of Cacti or specific plugins.

Our experience with large customer environments using the Multipoller as well as the CereusAgent addons helps you to build a future proof monitoring setup for your environment.

Cacti Workshop

The following parts can be choosen for the Cacti workshop:

  • Installation
  • Upgrading
  • Basic Operation
    • Graphing a single SNMP OID
    • Data input methods
    • Data queries
    • Templates
    • Command line scripts
  • Plugin Installation and Configuration
    • Multipoller Plugin ( Distributed Polling )
    • CereusAgent  ( Distributed Polling )
    • nmidSmokeping ( Standalone or Master/Slave setup )
    • Weathermap
  • Monitorin Addons
    • SSH based monitoring
    • Windows / WMI monitoring
    • MSSQL monitoring

Contact us for any specific topics not listed here!


This service is currently only available within the EU.

It includes a 3 day workshop.

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Cacti Workshop Inquiry

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