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CereusManagement is an add-on for Cacti adding several enhanced management functionalitites to Cacti significantly reducing the manual administrative tasks involved including but not limited to:

  • Local and remote Backup/Restore Tasks
  • Complete System Migration between 32/64bit and different OS
  • Patch/New Versions Notifications for Cacti and installed plugins

Several inventory reports will allow you to audit your Cacti system against external asset management tools making it easy for you to keep your Cacti system up-to-date added/removed devices.


Local/Remote Backup and Restore

FTP support

Backup Logging and Notification

System Migration

Migrate between 32/64 bit systems

Migrate between OS ( Windows/Linux )

Complete migration ( DB, RRD files, scripts )


Notification for new Cacti version

Notification on new/updated plugins



  • Includes €400 support for 1st year
  • System independant Backup/Restore
  • Migrate between different systems
  • Get notification about new/updated versions !

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