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CereusMonitoring – OnDemand Enhanced Cacti™

Man in foregroundCereusMonitoring is an on-demand performance monitoring and alerting solution based on the widely proven Open-Source Cacti™ application. CereusMonitoring offers a reliable system for monitoring small sites up to large enterprise networks.We keep care of the platform so you can focus on the performance of your systems.


All plans come with PDF Reporting capabilities. Performance reports can be sent out on a scheduled basis with no limitation on the number of reports.


The Entry plan includes support for 5 devices. This level is for small businesses wanting to monitor their network connectivity as well as critical infrastructure devices. The Entry level support scheduled reports, thold alerting and a basic set of templates.


The Starter plan includes all features of the Entry plan but has support for 50 devices. VPN or SSH based connections can be utilized for internal network monitoring.


Basic plan features the monitoring of 100 devices.


The Professional plan features Weathermap and 1 minute polling as well as the monitoring an unlimited number of devices. The Professional plan offers On-Premise pollers as well as dedicated hardware.


New pricing coming soon

We are currently reviewing the pricing structure and will re-launch this product with new pricing soon.


CereusMonitoring includes the following modules and features:

  • CereusReporting Corporate Edition
  • Thold Performance Alerts
  • Weathermap Support
  • Large Number of proven templates
  • SNMP, SSH, WMI and many other protocols are supported

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You can get 1 month of free trial to fully explore this service.Success - Shaking hands

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