Welcome to the CereusTransporter plugin, which enables you to Export Cacti Data to Timeseries Databases. This new plugin allows you to automatically export the polled data from Cacti directly into an InfluxDB or Bosun for further processing with e.g., Grafana. You can build great Dashboards and combine the data with other datasets to identify underlying issues in your network.


To use this plugin, you will require an already installed InfluxDB or InfluxDB2. Basic user authentication, as well as Token based authentication, is supported.

The minimum PHP version is 7.2


Install this plugin like any other Cacti plugin.

You can set up the InfluxDB/Bosun URL in the “misc” settings tab.

You are now set to export Cacti data to timeseries databases!

Known Issues

This plugin interferes with the actual poller process. 5-minute polling is fine, but 1-minute polling may not be able to finish in time, depending on your setup ( >400 hosts ).  If you do not need the rrd files to be updated, you can disable rrd updates ( since version 0.61 ).

Keep a look at your polling times!


Downloads/Version History

Name Cacti Version PHP Version Description Size Version Download
CereusTransporter 1.x.x PHP 7.2 * Added InfluxDB2 support with Token based authentication 1.3 MB 1.0.1 Download (63)
CereusTransporter 1.x.x PHP 5.4 *Fixed ‘index_type’ error 1.2 MB 0.66 Download (3,895)
CereusTransporter 1.x.x * Added compatibility for Cacti 1.0 0.65
CereusTransporter 0.8.x PHP 5.4 * Fixed some error warnings
* Disabled error reporting for influxdb DB creation due to parse_url function not supporting empty user/passwords
 1.2 MB 0.64  Download (1,166)
CereusTransporter 0.8.x * Fixed some error warnings
* Fixed include path for influxdb
CereusTransporter 0.8.x * Separated database targets into their own files
* Added possibility to completely disable RRD updates ( Cacti as UI only )
* Prepare for MSSQL support
CereusTransporter 0.8.x * Added separate description data filed to be sent 0.50
CereusTransporter 0.8.x * Fixed “Misc” tab not showing up 0.49
CereusTransporter 0.8.x * Added Bosun support ( changes by simonov(at)gmail.com ), fixed InfluxDB connection 0.48
CereusTransporter 0.8.x * Bugfix Release: multiple data points from Cacti got lost 0.40
CereusTransporter 0.8.x * MultiUpdate Performance Enhancements 0.30
CereusTransporter 0.8.x * Performance Enhancement 0.20
CereusTransporter 0.8.x Initial Release 0.10

Sample Dashboard(s)

Please share your Dashboards on the forum or sent them to support@urban-software.com to be included here.

Description Size Version Download
Sample Cacti Grafana Dashboard 3.5 KB 0.1 Download (2,316)


Of course, you can get support for this addon. Please get in touch with us to discuss your options!