nmidWebService provides a SOAP interface to Cacti® for retrieving the Cacti® Tree, Graphs, Weathermap or Thold data. It is required for the nmidClient an Android client for Cacti®

The SOAP interface can be used with PHP, C#, Java or using Perl allowing the integration of Cacti® data within other applications.


  • Retrieve the Cacti Tree
  • Retrieve a Graph
  • Retrieve a Smokeping Graph
  • Retrieve Smokeping Configuration ( Target section )
  • Retrieve Weathermap Graph
  • Retrieve Thold Issues/Breaches
  • Retrieve Down hosts list
  • Retrieve CereusReporting Report list
  • Add Graph to CereusReporting Report
  • User can only see their graphs
  • User Logon ( Local, LDAP Support via MobileToken )

Usage – Available Operations

  • getTree
  • authUser
  • isMobileAccessEnabled
  • getGraph
  • getChallenge
  • getAuthType
  • getReportList
  • getDownHosts
  • addGraphToReport
  • getThold
  • getSmokePingGraph


coming soon.


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