CereusReporting Version 4.0

FEATURE – CR-35 — Add option to limit the concurrent HTTP connections for chart retrieval
FEATURE – CR-14 — Add ability to remove default heading from on-demand reports
FEATURE – CR-25 — Graph Creation using curl does not use basic auth when defined
FEATURE – CR-27 — PDF Icons missing in Preview mode
FEATURE – CR-29 — Add a searchable dropdown for adding hosts to reports
FEATURE – CR-30 — Add ability to include a cover page when creating an on demand report from the Graph view
FEATURE – CR-31 — Add ability to disable Pagenumbers on the footer
FEATURE – CR-32 — RRD Theme is not being used when created PDF Reports
FEATURE – CR-34 — Enable Drop-Down filter support
FIX – CR-20 — CereusReporting Creating too many SQL connections
FIX – CR-23 — Scheduled report not showing up when referrenced report was deleted
FIX – CR-24 — Report Graph generation now following URL redirects
FIX – CR-26 — SQL Errors occurr when uninstalling the plugin
FIX – CR-28 — FPDF Errors cause AutoM8 Remote poller PHP errors
FIX – CR-33 — Cover page for onDemand reports is causing TCPDF to go into endless loop