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CereusReporting is a plugin for Cacti which creates and distributes PDF Reports. These reports can consist of standard Cacti graphs, Weathermap images and Availability data.

HowTo Screencasts

Please also have a look at the screencasts available here:

Stable 4.x Version

Look here for a short Installation video:

Business/Professional Users:  Version 3.0 and higher require a new license file. Please contact support to get a new license file before upgrading to this version.

License File for CereusReporting Standard Editionn/a4.00.10Licensecoming soon
CereusReporting Personal / Professional / Business  Source Files
Supports PHP 5.6 – PHP 7.2
69.4 MB4.00.10AllDownload (312)Get a QuoteBuy Support
CereusReporting Personal / Professional / Business  Source Files
PHP 7.2 – Supports PHP 7.2
n/a4.00.10Allcoming soonGet a QuoteBuy Support


Guides / Manuals
Quick Installation Guide for CentOS 6 32bit and CentOS 6/7 64bit
Ubuntu Guide is following soon …

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