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How can we help you? We provide product support for our software and monitoring solutions as well as support for your network and system monitoring requirements – delivered by people with in-depth experience.

Welcome to our support and help pages. Here you will find some information about Cacti and supporting applications.

If you have a support request for one of our products or require services for 3rd party plugins, feel free to use our contact form for your request.

You will have to purchase a support option before being able to open a ticket. Click here for details.

For installation issues, you do not require to have a support option.

Contact Support

Phone Support:
+49 (0)7543 609337-0

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a trial license for CereusReporting ?

Yes, trial licenses can be requested using the contact form

I need help with the installation. Do I need to purchase support ?

Installation support is free for all versions of CereusReporting.  Simply use the contact-form and provide some issue description as well as the output of the “Debug Info” page. You can also open a ticket at the support page at

I get a ``CSRF check failed.`` what do I need to do ?
Most Cacti plugins get this CSFR issue. ( )
/include/csrf/csrf_magic.php  ( or wherever this file is )
$GLOBALS[‘csrf’][‘defer’] = true;
Can I get support for 3rd party plugins ?

Yes. Please use the contact form to ask for specific help

My graphing stopped working after a mysql crash/full disk space

During a mysql crash caused by full disk systems, most likely the poller_output table got corrupted.

Using the following command will show an error for this table:

mysqlcheck -p --auto-repair --databases cacti
cacti.poller_command                               OK
cacti.poller_item                                  OK
Error    : Can't find file: 'poller_output' (errno: 2)
status   : Operation failed
cacti.poller_output_rt                             OK
cacti.poller_reindex                               OK
cacti.poller_time                                  OK
cacti.rra                                          OK

You can fix this, by dropping the poller_output table and re-creating it with the following SQL syntax:

DROP TABLE poller_output;
CREATE TABLE poller_output (
  local_data_id mediumint(8) unsigned NOT NULL default '0',
  rrd_name varchar(19) NOT NULL default '',
  time datetime NOT NULL default '0000-00-00 00:00:00',
  output text NOT NULL,
  PRIMARY KEY (local_data_id,rrd_name,time) /*!50060 USING BTREE */

This should get your poller and Cacti graphing to start working again.

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