CereusTransporter 1.0 has been released!

Exciting news for all Cacti users!

I am thrilled to announce the release of the CereusTransporter 1.0 plugin for Cacti. This powerful plugin lets you easily send data from Cacti to InfluxDB2 for advanced monitoring and analysis.

With CereusTransporter, you can easily monitor and analyze data from multiple sources in near real-time, giving you a complete picture of your network performance.

Built Dashboards in Grafana, or use Machine Language to identify issues before they occur.

If you need support or have any questions about the CereusTransporter plugin, please contact us.

Download the plugin today and take your network monitoring to the next level!

CereusTransporter for Cacti supports InfluxDB2

CereusTransporter for Cacti now supports InfluxDB2 and token-based authentication. Data from Cacti can now be sent to InfluxDB2, a time series platform where you can collect and store long-term data from multiple sources.

CereusTransporter is a plugin for Cacti that can send data to databases or platforms like Bosun, InfluxDB1/InfluxDB2, or OpenTSDB.  The Cacti data then can be further processed to create Dashboards, integrated into existing alarm tools, or just kept for BigData analysis.

The upcoming release of CereusTransporter 1.x will add InfluxDB2 support. Future versions add the ability to define custom tags, filter data to be sent, and specify multiple target platforms.

Look here for the plugin page: CereusTransporter

If you need commercial support with your Cacti installation, Contact us today !

Visualizing Cacti Data with Grafana and InfluxDB


Cacti has a great polling engine for retrieving SNMP, WMI and other data from a lot of different devices. It generally stores the data into RRD files which are then being used to create the actual graphs for the users to view. By using InfluxDB together with Grafana as a frontend, it is possible to built an easy to use performent dashboard for end-users utilizing the Cacti polling engine.

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