nmidAgent – Remote poller for Cacti

We are excited to announce our upcoming Cacti® plugin is coming along nicely!

This new plugin will allow you to setup distributed Cacti pollers or “agents” with a central data aggregation and presentation server.

Remote pollers are using an on-demand mechanism to transfer polled data without the need to create NSF shares or permanent SQL connections to the Master system.

Features of this plugin:

  • No polling required from the master server ( though possible )
  • Distributed/Decentralized polling
  • Re-use of cacti internal functions
  • Remote poller still collects data even if no connection to Master servers exists. Data will be transferred at a later time.
  • All plugins work as designed on the master AND slave systems (thold, Reportit, CereusReporting …. )
  • Different polling times possible ( Master: 5 minutes, Slave 1: 1 minute, Slave 2: 5 minute, RRD file update on master: Every 30 minutes )
  • Data consistency/safety done using SQL methods/functions

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